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إيتيل في سان فرنسيسكو (بلوينارت إنفو)

25 Aug 2018

يستقبل "متحف سان فرنسيسكو للفن المعاصر" معرضاً للفنانة إيتيل عدنان التي تحمل جائزة "تكريم" للتميز الخاص 2016. وستقدّم الرسّامة والشاعرة لوحاتها للمرة الأولى ضمن معرض يحمل عنوان "نيويورك: إيتيل عدنان" بين الأول من سبتمبر 2018 والسادس من يناير 2019. وتعرف إيتيل منذ بداياتها بلوحاتها التجريدية.

"The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art will showcase for the first time, the stirring works of Lebanon-born artist Etel Adnan in an exhibition titled “New Work: Etel Adnan.”

Etel Adnan, born in Beirut in 1925, is a visual artist, poet, and essayist currently based in Paris. The artist is known for abstract paintings, which were characteristic of her earliest paintings,  and for the landscape works inspired by Mount Tamalpais.

“New Work: Etel Adnan” showcases a selection of new paintings and tapestries, where the artist once again returns to abstraction, most specifically, color and its possibilities.

Referring to her style of work, the SFMOMA writes, “A student of philosophy, Adnan came to Berkeley in 1955. As an active participant in Ann O’Hanlon’s Perception Workshops in Mill Valley in the 1960s, she developed her practice in dialogue with poets, experimental musicians, playwrights, and SFMOMA, at its original location in the War Memorial Veteran’s Building. Though she now resides in Paris, the Bay Area remained her home for more than 50 years, and was long the impetus behind her work.”

“New Work: Etel Adnan,” will be on view from September 1, 2018, through January 6, 2019, at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,151 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA."


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