Facing the Pandemic / Creating Change Where it Counts

Facing the Pandemic / Creating Change Where it Counts

26 Feb 2022

Dr. Nader brilliantly linked the fact that people are healthy and resisting the Covid-19 pandemic successfully today, because of immigrants who left their countries and were a success in the USA and Germany for example. Talking about the Armenian Lebanese owner and founder of the Moderna company, Dr. Francois commended the vision of these individuals. 

Fighting media miscommunication is important in tough times as he said. He also stresses the fact that we can make it work when we want, giving the examples of pre-preparation phases of vaccines, through commitment and the inescapable need to sometimes bet that what you are producing will work. 

“When you pass someone who provided healthcare to a covid patient, just remember to say thank you, that is all they need", he said.

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