Women in Leadership Roles / Transcending Boundaries

Women in Leadership Roles / Transcending Boundaries

26 Feb 2022

Rim Karime, led the discussion with Nadia Bilbassy, Bureau Chief at Al Arabiya news channel, online. They spoke about the hardship she faces to be successful in what she does. The discussion then continued, with Dr. Khaled Janahi asking the guests the simple question: How did you get here? What has happened in your life to be here at this stage? 

Dr. Khaled differentiated between being empowered and being subjected to empowerment by governments, without the proper means of implementation. 

An interesting point by Ms. Alice Fakir, Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton for Cybersecurity, was the inherent differences between how genders operate and climb ladders of success and the need to have both ways of doing things to be present for a healthier work environment. She then offered the audience great advice to advance their careers, and it was especially directed at women, and it was to “take more time to network”, as she believes that how women succeed is through hard work, most of the time and that networking can be the extra push needed to attain better conditions at work, jobs, funding, etc.

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