A Tribute to HRH Princess Banderi Al Faisal

A Tribute to HRH Princess Banderi Al Faisal

24 Apr 2019

TAKREEM Foundation paid tribute to the memory of HRH Princess Banderi bint Abdulrahman bin Faisal AlSaud who left us 2 months ago at a very young age.

HRH Princess Banderi was the Chief Executive Officer of the King Khalid Foundation and one of TAKREEM’s esteemed Jury Board members. HRH Prince Saud bin AbdulRahman bin Faisal AlSaud received the special distinction from Professor Sir Magdy Yacoub and HRH Princess Alia Tabbaa.

During the tribute, Sir Magdy Yacoub said a word about HRH highlighting how one person can change a lot despite various challenges. He mentioned how the princess had massive energy which she succeeded in harnessing and using for benefiting her community.  Mr. Hassan Damluji also talked about the princess and his own experience with her. He elaborated on how humble HRH was in spite of being a descendant of two different kings. 

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