Amin Maalouf

Amin Maalouf - Lebanon

Amin Maalouf, an accomplished storyteller, a political writer of the highest standard, and a refined humanist, Maalouf is a Lebanese author who writes in French. Maalouf’s characters transcend identity, religion, and nationality. They are travelers that voyage over lands, languages, and beliefs. They live in historic settings, recounting the beauty and the pain of their eras to the modern reader. Most are marked by Maalouf’s experiences in the Lebanese civil war and immigration. His gem, The Rock of Tanios, has won the French Prix de Goncourt in 1993. He was born in Beirut in 1949 but has lived in France since 1976. After studying sociology and economics, Maalouf joined the Lebanese daily An-Nahar, for which he travelled the world covering numerous events, from the fall of the Ethiopian monarchy to the last battle of Saigon.

Forced to emigrate to Paris as a result of the war,  he settled there and resumed journalism. He became editor of the international edition of An-Nahar, then editor-in-chief of the weekly Jeune Afrique, before giving up all his posts to dedicate himself to literature.

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