Betty Taoutel

Betty Taoutel - Lebanon

Cultural Excellence - 2019

Mrs. Betty Taoutel, an icon of the Lebanese theater, Betty’s talents as writer, comedian, director, and  actor have elevated the stage as well as television and film screens. Betty chose to pursue her passion as a profession. Theater, to Betty, is life itself. 

Previously, she was a member of the jury on the “Arab Star Academy” TV show. She wrote and directed numerous successful plays such as "Ekher Beyt Bel Gemmayzé", "El orb3a bi noss el Jom3a", "Passport No. 10452", "Masrah el jarima", that have all sold out in Lebanon and in cities around the world. Her plays are all inspired by real social and political issues that surround her, while also verging on the personal and the intimate.

Betty also taught theater at IESAV at the Saint Joseph University and at the Lebanese university. She holds a Master's Degree in Dramaturgy and a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Theater. Betty is selective in her professional choices, trying to find a balance between her profession and her family life. Her latest creation was “Freezer”, which she wrote, directed and acted in.

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