Fred Boustany

Fred Boustany - Lebanon

Dr. Fred Boustany, a member of the Lebanese parliament since 2018, MP and the founder and CEO of BUMC in Lebanon. A trained surgeon, he specializes in Facial and Maxillofacial surgery with an emphasis on Facial Reconstructive surgery. 

Dr. Boustany is an internationally recognized scholar and has held several academic appointments at the Universities of Paris VII, Tufts University and Boston University, where he previously served as a Professor, Dean and Chairman of the Department of Diagnostic Sciences. He has received certifications from several American specialty Boards in Medicine and Radiology and is a Fellow of the American and International Colleges of Maxillofacial surgery.

He has previously worked and trained at Boston Medical Center and New England Baptist Hospital. He received degrees from Saint Joseph University in Beirut, Sorbonne University in Paris, Tufts University, Harvard University and Boston University with doctorates in Medicine, Dental Medicine and Business Administration.

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