Rasha Al Ameer

Rasha Al Ameer - Lebanon

Cultural Excellence - 2019

Mrs. Rasha Al Ameer is a publisher, cultural critic, and author of two novels. Rasha began writing as a student in Paris with articles in the Arabic-language magazines An-Nahar al Arabi wal Douwali and Al Watan al Arabi.

Upon her return to Lebanon she co-founded the avant-garde publishing house, Dar al Jadid, which has published works by former Iranian President Sayyed Mohammad Khatami and the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. Her book, Judgment Day, was first published in Arabic in 2002 as ‘Yawm el Din’ and has gone through six editions: three in Lebanon, two in Algeria, and one in Egypt. 

A French version, translated by Youssef Seddik, was published by Actes Sud Sindbad in 2009. Her devotion to the classical Arabic language shines through her writings.

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