Paul Abi Rashed

Paul Abi Rashed - Lebanon

Environmental Development and Sustainability - 2019

Mr. Paul Abi Rached is the Founder of TERRE Liban organization, established in 1995, devoted to the creation and implementation of environmental education. He is also the President of Lebanon Eco Movement, founded in 2012, which is an alliance of 60+ NGOs tackling environmental challenges in Lebanon. 

He started his career in environmental education, coaching and conducting training of trainers in schools, municipalities and NGOs all over Lebanon since 1988. 

Paul received Synergos Arab World Social Innovator recognizing his achievements and pioneer initiatives in active environmental education spreading awareness through more than 70 songs he composed and wrote in different languages. He led the way in different projects on Sustainable Development as Sorting at source, Composting, Eco-tourism, Eco-citizenship, Nature protection and combatting Climate Change.

Paul was a candidate for the latest legislative elections in 2018 presenting the environmental movement in Lebanon.  

Paul holds a Law license from the Faculty of Law at the Lebanese University and training certificates on different environmental topics. Today, he is an environmental consultant, trainer and university lecturer.

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