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TAKREEM was established in 2009 with the aim of honoring Arab accomplishments and bringing Arab achievers to the forefront of the global stage.

Since its inception, the Foundation has honored and recognized laureates from almost every Arab country. It built bridges between North Africa, the Middle East, the Gulf and Arab diaspora, creating a community of like-minded people and acting as a gateway for the region’s cultural, educational, scientific, environmental, humanitarian, social and economic excellence.

Beyond honoring excellence and forging links, TAKREEM aims to create the needed environment and dynamics to move forward, leave a mark, and provide future generations with a different kind of role models.

Honoring Excellence

Honoring Excellence

Honoring Excellence

There are cracks in this Arab world of ours, cracks through which light is making its way and shining with the promise of a brighter tomorrow. It is embodied in the men and women, young and old, healthy and disabled who are rethinking, rebuilding and representing the region with a new set of beliefs and practices. They are armed with a thirst for hope, a strive for change and a will to lift the stigma that has been associated with a people, its culture and its land. And the world needs to know about them. TAKREEM was established to recognize the achievements of Arab individuals and organizations that have contributed to their communities and to the betterment of the world, making more than 450 million Arabs proud.

Forging Links

Forging Links

Forging Links

The TAKREEM community gathers bright minds from all around the Arab world and beyond.

They come together throughout the year on numerous occasions, from official ceremonies and functions to meetings, conferences, round tables, and more informal get-togethers. During these TAKREEM moments, friendships and synergies come to life, bringing together people that probably would have not met otherwise.



TAKREEM highlights and promotes a favorable Arab identity that counters the negative narratives eclipsing the Arab world.

It honors those who have excelled in their field and inspired others in their quest for cultural, educational, scientific, environmental, humanitarian, social and economic excellence.



TAKREEM welcomes all individuals or institutions, irrespective of gender, religion, or origin. Candidacies are open to the public, and our selection mechanism is solely based on merit. We are committed to equality and diversity, renouncing all forms of discrimination. As such, TAKREEM reinforces a positive Arab identity, cementing its commitment to making Arabs proud of their heritage.

Founder Ricardo

Founder's Message

In today's tumultuous world, particularly in the Middle East where the situation in Palestine is dire, violence and conflict are rampant. We witness daily reminders of this chaos through explosions and the displacement of countless people, creating immense challenges for the international community.

Despite hopes for positive change during the Arab Spring, political reforms have been insufficient, leaving many feeling frustrated and susceptible to extremist ideologies. The repercussions of this extremism are evident in ongoing conflicts in various countries, including Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Sudan, as well as conflicts further afield.

We recognize that military and security measures alone cannot solve these complex issues. It is imperative for all of us to engage across different fields to counter extremism effectively. In the face of these challenges, we gather to celebrate the successes of Arabs as a true renaissance - a revival of Arab achievements.

TAKREEM was founded with a vision to highlight Arab accomplishments, inspire youth, and showcase positive role models. Even amid setbacks, there are stories of triumph waiting to be shared and recognized.

TAKREEM's mission is to shed light on these successes, reminding people, especially the youth, that amidst adversity, there is hope, love, and life thriving beyond the headlines of war.

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