APE - Egypt

Environmental Development and Sustainability - 2020

The Association for the Protection of the Environment (APE) is an Egyptian non-governmental organization that was established in 1984 to train and equip garbage collectors working in the sectors of health, education, environment and economic through applying the principles of development in participation with the target people, particularly women and children. The Association (APE) focuses on spreading the idea of safe solid waste management; in addition to training garbage collectors by enabling them to become producers of technology through the application of the skills of solid waste management in Egypt. APE’s overall objective is to improve the lives of garbage collectors as individuals and as a community. APE combines its interest in serving the poor with an interest in protecting the environment, specifically with regards to household waste. APE, together with donors and sponsors, has developed projects in order to improve the quality of life in these poor and marginalized communities. Also, the Association has established several units of production through its own resources with the purpose of increasing the income of women. This is accomplished by training and employing them in the safe and healthy methods of recycling solid wastes. The Association (APE) is managed by thirteen volunteers who are members of the Board; in addition, thirty female volunteers provide technical and organizational support and have a positive impact on the development and improvement of the various projects they are involved in. The services and the projects APE undertake in the fields of health, education and income producing programs reach 23,000 citizens annually. APE received several international and local awards for its work in several fields.

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