Melek El Nimer

Melek El Nimer - Turkey

Special Distinction - 2017

Melek’s name has become synonymous with three words: education, hope, and change. Mrs. Melek El Nimer was born in Istanbul, Turkey and has resided in Lebanon, since 1981. She holds an MS in Accounting and Finance from the Bosphorus University and a BS from the American College of Switzerland. Melek began her career with the marginalized 25 years ago. From the outset, she dedicated her life to improving the conditions of Palestinians living in refugee camps in Lebanon. She founded the Social Support Society, an NGO that currently serves the needs of over 100 elderly people. Her belief that the sectarian conflict in Lebanon was exacerbated by poverty led her, in 2010, to establish the Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP). Through this NGO, Melek continues to work with people from all marginalized communities. ULYP works on the premise that everyone has the right to education and that education is the best investment. Melek has garnered a reputation for believing in the power of learning to provide hope and create change. ULYP has been granted the 2016 Khalil Gibran “Spirit of Humanity” Award and the “Ta’atheer” Award, in the best NGO category.

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