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TAKminds is TAKREEM’s way of taking its mission one step further by sparking a dynamic and well-needed conversation concerning the mosaic of themes that make up the Awards categories. It’s a platform where change-makers and new talents are brought together and tackle the real-life challenges of the world we live in. The aim is to weave together the threads of education, business, art, culture, media, and technology in order to build a more sustainable future.
TAKminds is characterized by its interactive format and comes in all shapes and forms: forums, panel discussions, workshops, round tables, gatherings, and individual interventions as well as online content aiming to explore how, beyond violence and chaos, the Arab world is being reshaped by new leaders from across the region and the Arab diaspora. Look out for the next installment: they’re bound to take us in unexpected places – both concretely and figuratively.

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