Healthcare & Science / Geographic Disparities and Volunteerism

Healthcare & Science / Geographic Disparities and Volunteerism

26 Feb 2022

From changes in the healthcare system as a result of Covid-19 to the question of how is technology merging with healthcare.

Each of the guest panelists spoke their mind regarding their routines, healthcare settings, and different opportunities to change and grow instilled by the pandemic. 

Dr. Jeffrey Hammoudeh, for example, a Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon and Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery at Keck School of Medicine USC spoke about his effort at looking at challenges to build something better through tele-learning and increasing the skills of healthcare providers using the internet. 

Dr. Walid Alami, interventional cardiologist at Chesapeake & Washington Heart Care, shared the story of his “exodus” from Lebanon to the USA and his experience in Lebanese Palestinian camps, what is missing from structures to human capital at the receiving end of the bridge he tried to build. 

He then spoke of how history has thought us not to learn from history in Lebanon, and how a state exercises domestic ethnic cleansing against its’ people. Powerful messages to bring about change through awakening minds and hearts to the state of reality we live in.

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