Basel Dalloul

Basel Dalloul - Lebanon

Cultural Excellence - 2022

Basel Dalloul is a pioneer and visionary in the sector of information technology. After the Egyptian government declared their wishes to become the epicentre of the IT industry in the Middle East, he founded NOOR Group. Under his leadership, NOOR Group has grown to become the industry leader in the field today. Basel had previously founded the Magnet Interactive Group in the United States, and the company had pioneered new technologies and applications for the Internet and for interactive multimedia in critical areas as interface design and multimedia integration. Recently, he founded the Dalloul Art Foundation to manage and promote the vast collection of modern and contemporary Arab art, curated by his father, Dr. Ramzi Dalloul. Basel holds a Bachelor of Science in finance from American University of Beirut and a Juris Doctor and an MBA from Georgetown University. Basel also studied electrical engineering and computer science at Rice University in Houston.

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